Apr 012015
Hydro Power | Photovoltaic Cells | Solar Power


Since 2011, French Company Ciel & Terre has been developing large-scale floating solar solutions. Their innovative Hydrelio Floating PV system allows standard PV panels to be installed on large bodies of water such as: drinking water reservoirs, quarry lakes, irrigation canals, remediation and tailing ponds, and hydro electric dam reservoirs. This simple and affordable alternative […]

Mar 142015
Energy Inventions | Hydro Power | Wave Power


Mechanical Engineer David Hartmann and Craftsman Jason Ballash have designed a new wave power technology called the KymoGen, which has the potential to produce clean, low-cost energy using the constant power of waves. Key to the design is its simplicity. A portable 8’x8′ platform is tethered to a mooring on the sea floor. Inside the […]

Mar 102015
Energy Inventions | Human Power | Hydro Power


We just received an email from a company called Hydrobee, asking us to vote for them as Autodesk’s inventor of the Year. Having never heard of this we checked it out… what a neat invention! This soda-can sized device generates electricity for USB devices when you’re off the grid. It can generate power using flowing […]

May 102011

Just one of many alternative energy technologies that the US Government should be investing in – isn’t that the point of government programs?

@TheBrknGuitar Its a brand new technology. US patent was granted last month, foreign pending. Not enough people know it exists yet, but they will. Projects are now being planned at several locations, but publicity is the key because the system is so obvious that it can do nothing else BUT work & people know that when they see it. Spread the word. It will be built, but it takes time to change established thought.This is the ONLY nuclear scale, true baseload green technology in existence.

via YouTube – Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System.

Mar 172011
Energy Inventions | Hydro Power | Wave Power

Just like wind mills and wind turbines that generate power and electricity from the wind, scientists are now working to generate power from the sea. Stephen Wood, an assistant professor of marine and environmental systems at Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering is working on this technology for its advance and proper use. This […]