Sep 152011

The state of California is known for its firsts, and this is defiantly one for the books. California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill that allows all fully electric vehicles, as well as plug in hybrid electric vehicles, to be towed if the vehicle parked in a designated electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid charging parking space is not plugged in.

EVs are becoming a common sight on the roads in some parts of California. As a result, the state now has designated EV or hybrid parking places equipped with charging units.  Before the law, if an EV was parked in a charging place was fully charged the owner of an EV parked nearby could unplug the charged vehicle and plug in his or her own car. Now with the law in place, if the practice of owner/driver self monitoring of other EVs and self charging continues; a practice known as “Plug Sharing”, the unplugged car is at risk of being towed. In a way this law does put more responsibility on drivers of EVs to monitor the level of charge within their parked vehicle. Under the law if someone “Plug Shares” because you failed to monitor the charge level of your car you now risk being towed.

A larger point of issue within the new law, however, is the inclusion of hybrid electric vehicles. Hybrid electric vehicles do not solely run off of electricity, once the juice in the battery runs out gasoline kicks in to power the car and to even recharge the on board batteries. Because the hybrid nature, many EV driver do no think that hybrid electric vehicles should be allowed to use the same chargers that the EVs require.

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