Aug 202013

130820-solar-barnYes. Even if just for a moment.

News out of Nebraska shows that a group of committed activists and community educators have built a solar-powered barn directly in the path of the pipeline.

Groundbreaking for the barn took place over last weekend on land owned by the Hammond family in York, Neb. The goal is to not only literally obstruct the planned pipeline, which would ferry oil sands from Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas, but also to turn the barn into a sustainably powered education and resource center to help raise awareness about the risks that the pipeline poses to Nebraska farms, the Ogallala Aquifer that supplies the Midwest with water, and to the planet’s atmosphere.

In speaking about the potential of the barn, Meghan Hammond told 1011Now that “We thought it was a brilliant idea that it represents how our family is thinking, that we believe in green energy and that we can do better.”

The barn, which will include both a rooftop solar array and a wind turbine when it’s completed, was designed in conjunction with Bold Nebraska, a nonprofit advocacy group working to fight Keystone XL and promote clean energy across the state.

Bold Nebraska has put together a video for their “Summer of the Pipeline Fighter” campaign, and both Meghan Hammond and her father, Rick Hammond — fifth- and sixth-generation Nebraska farmers — to talk about why they’re opposed to the pipeline.

Article by Matthew Wheeland.

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