Oct 292010

A well thought out use of multiple technologies to deliver electrical power in many environments where utilities do not exist.

The SolarPOD is a portable alternative energy solution that can be readily deployed at multiple sites globally. The product eliminates the need for an existing power source or even a distribution channel where none exists. Simply put, it is a complete solution that has both power generating components and power storage units. The system consists of Solar Panels, Batteries Chargers and a Backup Generator for days of autonomy. Upgraded Models also includes a Wind turbines and or Fuel cells for constant energy generation. Our product is differentiated by the way we have combined both time tested and emerging technology together to make for a light and more efficient solution while maintaining relative cost consciousness. All components made in America

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Oct 182010

In Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming, four Democratic governors who have supported clean energy may be replaced by Republicans who have expressed fealty to big oil in the November 2010 elections. Florida is under imminent threat from the rising sea levels, fiercer heat waves, and stronger storms resulting from global warming, but GOP candidate Rick Scott has “not been convinced.” In Illinois, Tea Party candidate Bill Brady says the “premise” of global warming is “wrong.” Minnesota’s Tom Emmer thinks global warming science is just “Al Gore’s climate porn.” Ohio candidate John Kasich believes “global warming is cyclical.” Even in the Northeast, where the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap-and-trade system has been successfully in place for years, Maine’s Paul LePage thinks “scientists are divided on it,” Maryland’s Bob Ehrlich is newly “skeptical,” and Massachusetts candidate Charlie Baker is “not smart enough to believe that I know the answer to that question.” The Western Climate Initiative — the regional compact scheduled to begin in 2012 — is threatened by California’s Meg Whitman, Oregon’s Chris Dudley, and New Mexico candidate Susana Martinez, who thinks the science of climate change is an “ideological debate.” Even more troubling is the growing opposition by Republicans to renewable electricity standards, which have long enjoyed bipartisan support. LePage, Ehrlich, Kasich, and Brady have all challenged their state’s renewable standards, with Scott calling Florida’s proposed standards “leftist energy proposals.”

via The GOP’s Refusal to Understand the Basic Science of Climate Change Threatens the Whole Country | News & Politics | AlterNet.

Oct 142010

Solar Trees

When it comes to solar, I much prefer developers to solar manufacturers. Solar manufacturers face the prospect of ever declining prices for their product and a constant need for technological innovation to keep up in a fierce competitive landscape. Solar project developers, on the other hand, have strong public support and interest in their product, combined with rising prices for the electricity they sell and declining prices for the solar panels they buy. They also have much lower fixed costs, meaning that while the threat of new entrants will keep them from ever becoming wildly profitable, they also do not have huge capital investments that can lock them in if building solar installations becomes unprofitable.

The low barriers to entry for solar developers mean that strong product differentiation is valuable.

Envision has developed parking lot structures they call “Solar Trees” for attractively shading parking lots while producing solar electricity. The company promotes their products as “addressing the unused millions of acres of parking spaces.” I there’s actually more too it than that, because in the sunnier parts of the country, there is value in both the electricity and in the shade. In an extremely sunny city such as Tucson, Phoenix, or Las Vegas, I would expect that most shoppers would be more interested in visiting a store where they expected to get a shaded parking space, since almost all shady parking spaces in Tucson are almost always already taken.

The idea of solar on parking lot shades is not a new one. I remember seeing one in the parking lot of an Austin Library Branch in 2000. But earlier parking lot solar arrays were bespoke designs created anew for each individual project. With a small number of flexible designs, Envision can not only keep engineering costs down, but also talk with some credibility about the cost and performance of previous arrays they have installed over nine MW of projects for clients such as Dell. They’ve also teamed up with Bright Automotive to combine the solar parking structures (which require electric service) with electric vehicle charging stations. Along with the ready-to-build, relatively attractive designs, partners and previous clients like these could establish Envision as the go-to firm for parking lot solar.

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Oct 142010

Envision Solar offers turnkey solar systems that can be deployed in parking lots and other types of community projects. Interest in their technologies is building as this announcement was superseded by their recent announcement of an agreement with General Motors.

Jim Laehy, Director Business Development of Morrow-Meadows, added “Envision Solar brings world-class architectural and renewable energy project planning skills, in addition to a depth of understanding in the design and development of solar projects and some exceptional proprietary products. We expect that this will be invaluable to our collective effort under this MSA to expand our solar project pipeline and deployment over the next several years and see Envision’s expertise in the industry as a tremendous benefit to our own offering.”

via Recent Deals – Envision Solar Enters Into Strategic Master Services Agreement With Morrow-meadows Corporation.