Jul 152010

In another Orwellian move, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac move to block PACE funding for alternative energy and energy efficiency programs in California and other states that have implemented PACE programs.

PACE funding allows a homeowner to increase their property tax as a way to finance solar energy and other energy efficiency programs.

“California needs your help immediately. The Federal Housing Finance Agency FHFA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac struck a body blow this month to California’s landmark efforts to lead the nation in weatherizing homes and placing solar panels on buildings, bringing to a halt more than $450 million in retrofit projects.” PUC President Michael Peevey and Commissioner Dian Grueneich wrote in a letter Tuesday.”Absent immediate federal action, California’s launch of the largest retrofit program in the country cannot happen,” they said.They said that California has allocated $50 million in federal stimulus funding for PACE programs to be implemented by more than 200 cities and counties. That, they said, would translate into more than $400 million in spending.

via State sues agencies over blockage of solar program – SignOnSanDiego.com.

Jul 092010

“as a result, we expect production and sales to increase to between 37 to 38 megawatts for the second quarter of 2010. Overall, demand for our product in the first quarter was strong and our selling prices decreased modestly by approximately 4% from the fourth quarter of 2009, mostly due to the stronger US dollar.”

via Evergreen Solar Announces Selected Preliminary First Quarter Results Apr 19, 2010.

Jul 072010

NOT TRUE!…I install solar PV and Hot water systems, I own a retail store that sells only solar products and energy saving products. My best customers at this time are the people with withering stock portfolios that have the system installed without rebates and they provide a better ROI than the market. The trouble with most folks is they do not know how affordable solar is; and do not understand the great savings as energy costs go up And truth is, they always do. The industry has gone to great lengths to save or sustain in a bad economy, the bad comments from some of our elected officials that support Big OIL and Energy companies like Massey, are BIASED! at best. And hurting our nation as a whole. I ask you this. How much has the USG given to big oil companies over the past two decades? Then take a good hard look South to the Gulf region and pass judgment.. tctv41@yahoo.com

via Evergreen Solar Struggles to Survive — Seeking Alpha.