Dec 302009

Toilets That Separate Pee For Urea-Hydrogen Fuel Harvesting Already on Market : CleanTechnica.

Looks like a great idea, utilizes easy to implement technology and reduces the amount of water wasted on our waste products.

Dec 242009

Yet the most effective way is to contact contractors or agents who specialize in photovoltaic panel installations.

via Used Solar Panels — How To Find Them.
Call a Renewable Energy installer and see if any of their customers had wanted to get rid of any solar panels that were being replaced? Offer to remove them – they have to pay someone to remove old solar panels and you may get a deal this way.
Mother Jones and other national magazines have a wanted ad section – you may get lucky.
Local online ad directories like Craigs List and the Recycler have used solar panels from time-to-time – looking there is free and only costs some of your time, which is a lot better than money.
If you have an historic house or some other redeeming quality, you may be able to find a sponsor for your solar project – again, not an easy task, but we are looking to avoid monetary outlays.
If you have other ideas, please let me know.

Dec 222009

Wave energy seems to be Scotland’s lottery number. Scotland-based energy developer Pelamis just signed a joint venture agreement with the European energy giant Vattenfall for a large, almost $100 million energy project off Scotland’s Shetland Islands. This follows the recent launch of Oyster, reportedly the largest working hydro-electric wave energy device in the world, by the Scottish government and partners.

via Another Wave Energy Project off the Coast of Scotland : CleanTechnica.

Solar power is a form of alternative energy – the point is to reduce our need on fossil fuels and this technology is viable in many areas.

Dec 222009

“By combining SolarPower's design and construction expertise with SunPower panels, the most efficient solar panels commercially available, HP will maximize the amount of clean solar power generated on the roof,” said SolarPower co-CEO Alon Tamari. “We are very pleased to have completed the first solar power installation for the high-technology industry in Israel.”

via Sunpower And Solarpower Ltd. Dedicate 50-Kilowatt Solar Power System For Hp In Israel | News | Solarplaza | The global solar energy PV platform.

Dec 152009

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power announced Tuesday that it has shelved plans for a 970-acre solar farm near the Salton Sea, just as members of the City Council signaled that they were unprepared to support the project.

via L.A. utility shelves plans for solar farm near Salton Sea —

No way they could work something out?

Dec 092009

This report shows  the distribution of green jobs throughout the state.

Next 10.


  • Sacramento Area: The statewide leader in green job growth (87%), Sacramento experienced the highest-level employment growth (157%) in air and environment jobs (2.5 x 1995 levels) (pg. 30-31). Energy generation employment grew by 141% (pg. 22).
Dec 072009

A California startup firm, Solarmer, has been making impressive progress with plastic organic photovoltaic (PV) cells. This month, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory confirmed that the plastic solar cells have broken an efficiency record of 7.9% – and Solarmer is aiming to get to 10% conversion by the end of 2010.

via Plastic PV Solar Cells Break Efficiency Record | Solar Power – PV Panels.

All I can say is “wow!”

Dec 042009

Corporate solar is coming

10/16/2006 06:02:00 PM

Posted by Robyn Beavers, Corporate Environmental Programs Manager

Epic games of beach volleyball, urban indoor workspaces infused with natural light, enthusiasm for the outdoors – at Google, we've always taken advantage of the sun. And now we're ready to use the sun yet another way: to create clean electricity.

via Official Google Blog: Corporate solar is coming.